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What is Discord and how to use it?

Discord is a free VoIP messenger, originally aimed at gamers, but later became widespread among Internet users. Today, the program is available for download for desktop PCs (for Windows, Linux and macOS), as well as for mobile devices – for Android and iOS. There is also a web client that allows you to work with Discord without additional applications.

What is this program?

On the web, you often come across questions about the features of Discord, what kind of program it is, and what functions it performs. In simple terms, it is a VoIP messenger that provides voice communication in games and is considered one of the best applications today. Discord is supported by all popular operating systems and is available for download on the official website (more on that below

Short story

The app was created in 2015 by Hammer & Chisel. Initially, the company was financed from a start-up fund, after which Tensent and Benchmark joined the project. The developers’ goal was to create a program with a minimum latency, providing high quality sound. And they fully succeeded.In the future, DS developers continued to improve the product. In 2016, the number of registered users exceeded 11 million people, and the monthly audience of the program increased by 1.5-2 million. conversation for up to 10 people.


For 2020, the Discord game chat software is free and offers a wide range of useful features. Let’s highlight the main ones:

  • The ability to work through an application or browser, which allows you to use the program on any device.
  • Creation of chats and rooms with different access rights.
  • Discord’s powerful engine ensures stable sound transmission without jitter and no hassle in connection.
  • Compared to Skype, the CPU load is minimal.
  • Personal communication with users – personal or conference format with the simultaneous participation of several people.
  • Preview of videos, pictures and animation when adding links.
  • The ability to embed bots in the chat.
  • Setting a rating for any message.
    Creating invite-links in the form of invitations that can be sent to other users.
  • Broadcast your display and everything that happens on it to other participants.
  • Synchronization with Telegram, etc.


Application features

Equally interesting is the question of what Discord is and how to use it. Many people mistakenly believe that it takes a long time to set up, which is why they ditch Discord in favor of less functional programs. In practice, the setup process does not take much time and consists of the following steps:

    1. 1. Registration and verification. To start using Discord, just log into discordapp.com, then open the program in your browser or download it on your PC. After that, it is enough to enter a name and use the chat functionality. In the future, it is better to confirm your account and e-mail by clicking on the orange button in the upper right.


    1. 2. Connection to any of the servers (channels) for communication using Discord. On the left side is a column with a list of servers. In the future, you can move between channels or use only one line for communication.


    1. 3. Sending invitations. After creating the server, you need to send out invitations to other users. To do this, Discord has a special button next to the channel names. After receiving the link, you can send it to your friends and invite them to connect to the server.


    1. 4. Server Tuning. Discord is free voice and text chat, but requires proper setup to use. After connecting users to the channel, you can distribute different roles between them with further rank management.


    1. 5. Setting permissions. After clicking the gear next to the text or voice channel, you can change the permission in the Permissions section. If you click the “+” sign in the Roles / Members section, you can select a specific role or user to add on the Discord channel. The configuration can be changed depending on the tasks.


    1. 6. Making basic settings. After creating the server and pinning the account, you can examine and make changes to the settings. After clicking on the gear sign, great opportunities open up – connecting your account to Twitch or YouTube Gaming, setting up the displayed game, and much more. To make changes, just go to the section of interest on the left side and make changes in the main field on the right.


    1. 7. Configuring notifications. For convenience, you can customize notifications in the Discord program. To do this, go to the appropriate section. Notifications are conventionally divided into global and server notifications. The settings are based on personal preference.


When considering the features of Discord, and what it is, it is important to note a number of additional features. This includes:

  • uploading files up to 8 MB;
  • adding bots to help manage;
  • availability of the help center for additional information;
  • when you turn on streamer mode personal information, sounds and notifications are turned off;
  • switching on the server between group chats, increasing or decreasing the volume;
  • application of hot keys;
  • creating your own bots after studying the developer’s documents.

The principle of communication in Discord is simple. After creating a server and adding friends, you must select the required person from the list and click on the phone to communicate. The interlocutor receives a message inviting him to start a conversation. If the person agreed to communicate, you can talk.

How Discord differs from other talkers

Messenger supports a huge number of languages, it does not contain ads, it does not pull a lot of resources from the device, due to which the high quality of its work is achieved. In addition, almost all Discord users note the high quality of the sound in the process of communication. And the ability to individually adjust the volume for each speaker allows you to make communication as comfortable as possible. Discord has a wide range of so-called tweaks. So, for example, it has a special Push to Talk function that allows you to activate a conversation by pressing a hot key, which is very convenient during the game, when you don’t want to be distracted by writing a text message. In addition, Discord has a whole lot of useful functions to ensure comfortable communication for its users. 

How to create a server in Discord

To get started, start Discord and click on the circular icon with the plus in the left vertical block.


Next, click on “Create Server”. It is only necessary to specify its name and region. If you wish, you can still display the auto resolution 128 × 128. On your own channel, you can invite other users, create a community, etc.

The user-creator of the server has the right to issue the pole. Poles in Discord are the rights of certain users, provided by its administrator. For example, the ability to block blocks, change names, change different parameters and perform similar actions.

A full set of them is available only for the administrator. The menu of service settings in Dickoped contains the following points in ce:

  • Overview – allows you to select the location of the room, parameters and exclusion of the user from the room with a long inactivity and so on.
  • Moderation – setting the level of checking, blocking and unblocking the user.
  • Poli is a dispensing of various rights and a full-fledged party of misery.
  • Magazine – contains information about the changes made to the personalities of the other users’ rooms.
  • Integration – contains the settings for Dickopd synchronization with other applications and Internet services.
  • Emoji – customization of smiles.
  • Webhook – setup of sending textual information from different channels.